76 million: digitalization & post-covid era in youth work

21 September 2021 | 11 AM – 12 PM

COVID-19 has made an enormous change in many aspects of our lives, including 76 million young people living in Europe. Millions of people turned to remote working or schooling. Zavod Nefiks is inviting European youth organizations to join the online discussion regarding the digitalization & post-covid era in youth work.

Brought by Zavod Nefiks and Priložnost.EU project

The event 76 million will be organized by institute Zavod Nefiks and its Priložnost.EU project. The mission of the institute is to help young people and youth organizations to record, present and promote informally acquired knowledge and competencies. The purpose of the Institute is also to help young people with career development and employment. Priložnost.EU is a project of the Nefiks Institute, through which we want to acquaint pupils, students and other interested young people with educational, career and other opportunities offered by the European Union.

Join us!

Event is free of charge and will take place online.